About Janice

About Janice

Hello, Gorgeous!

Thank you so much for visiting our online cosmetics boutique.

I’m Janice Ross, the founder of JANICE CAROL COSMETICS.

You may be wondering how I became interested in creating my own line of skin care and cosmetics, and it’s a good question! Let me share some background with you so you can get to know me just a little bit better. 


Janice Ross

My history in the industry began forty-five years ago when I got my first part-time job. This position was at one of the very first Shoppers Drug Marts in the city and was originally called Kofflers Drugs.

This was my home base, and this is where it all started. They immediately put me into the cosmetics department, and I quickly realized how much I loved it.

I worked hard and loved when my manager gave me creative tasks like redesigning a tower or merchandise an area. These artistic endeavors were just part of me and when you put those elements together with helping women (and men) make beauty and fragrance choices, it just came so naturally.



Janice Ross on bridge

Little had I known then, that upon my graduation from university, the owner of the Shoppers Drug Mart I worked at throughout school would reach out to me to return as the Cosmetics Manager at age 22!

This was such a compliment but was also a huge challenge. You see, the ladies whose boss I would be were the same ladies who watched me grow up and worked alongside for many years!!

He literally handed the department to me and said this is your store inside mine. I was to oversee staff, quotas, buying, dealing with head office and cosmetic accounts, merchandising, and more. I was also offered a cushy job in a spa downtown but decided to take the tougher route at Shoppers, as it would teach me so much about not only business but about management. Guess what; it did!

I am so grateful for those years; it wasn’t easy, but I loved it from every angle – even the not-so-clean job of organizing the basement stockroom for inventory!

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